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Warehousing and Quality Control

Warehousing and Quality Control

  • Once the material reaches the warehouse, full quality checks are performed in a proper manner
  • Supervisor checks all material item wise
  • Description checks
  • Packing checks
  • Weight age etc
  • Respective buyer is called to confirm the goods ordered
  • Quality control inspector is called for final supervision.
  • Vehicle and Equipment Lease
Our Group provides quality assurance in product supply in various standards like API, DIN, CE, JIS & ISO certified company products.

These certifications indicate that the quality procedures utilized by the plant conform to international norms and are equal to those of other procedures of similar goods.

The quality assurance staff is supported with the necessary management systems, tools and gauges.

The Group has its own in-house carpentry workshop which designs its own pallets & boxes and shrink wrapping is done according to the customer’s requirements.

Different slots in the warehouse are allocated to different customers and separate control checks are placed for incoming and outgoing cargo.